Friday, March 20, 2015

News For: Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Pierre Morel And The Gunmen Film, #1 Debut This Weekend

Perhaps the creepiest villain of all time is the character that Writers and Directors Joel and Ethan Coen created in the film NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, Anton Chigurh, now he's back going head to head with the greatest actor of my generation, Sean Penn, in a film that may prove this weekend to be the beginning of the next TAKEN series.

Why do we see the these movies when they're relatively similar in plot and style?  Simple. We love the result.

Seeing a film like this is like working on out on a speed bag...invigorating, enjoyable and relaxing.

Oh how I love being an American.

Now that SMU has been knocked out of the NCAA Tournament I'll use this film for stress relief and bet on it for a number one debut.

                                                     written by Brad Richdale

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